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In this blog I will be sharing my experience with romance novels.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is a really big topic, it contains a lot of information and research. This theme is really important for the informatic class since it’s something that needs to be learned in all aspects.  Artículos de la Biblioteca Artificial: Raisch, S., & Krakowski, S. (2021). Artificial Intelligence and Management: The Automation–AugmentationContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning”

The Story of My Life

This is a presentation about my life and the things I have accomplished through it.

Privacy & Security

In this assignment I was able to see how big brands like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. can in a way take away your privacy. It’s a little alarming that these people have access to all the information that you can have in any of the applications they have. It’s something that in a way IContinue reading “Privacy & Security”

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