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In this blog I will be sharing my experience with romance novels.

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Listado de Post en el Blog My first Post My feelings about COVID-19  IP Address and the web  My favorites Privacy and security The story of my life  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Projecto Final  RSS and Feedly Cantidad de personas que han visitado mi Blog. Visitantes: 12 Reflexión: En este semestre académico tuve laContinue reading “Reflexión”

RSS y Feedly

Under “Noticias” on Feedly I follow; LA Times – This feed is about the new in the state of california. Fox News – A feed about the new in the US and other places. HuffPost – News feed about the now and the know New York Times – This feed is about the news inContinue reading “RSS y Feedly”

Proyecto Final

This presentation is about artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

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